Revolutionizing the shop floor with wearables!


We are a young and innovative start-up with the goal of providing comprehensive digitalization for the shop floor. As one of the market leaders in industrial wearable software, we are always on top of trends and use the newest technologies.

Thanks to our well-executed ideas we already have big customers from all types of manufacturing industries, e.g. Continental, Audi, Airbus etc. 

We couldn't have gotten this far without our amazing team. As aucobo continues to grow so will the size of our team. All our team members get a lot of freedom when it comes to their work, which is why it's so important that all of us get along with each other. 

The thing I like most about aucobo is how much freedom we have in our work - flexible work hours, home office, individual responsibility. I also really like that I can use my entire skill set, which means I can go beyond my job description.

Ellen Wieland
Solution architect

Our hiring process

We try to be very fast whenever a new application arrives at aucobo. Usually it all takes between 2-4 weeks between your application and the offer to start.

You can see on the left the different steps that are involved in our hiring process. 

For your application it is enough to provide us your CV, you will not need a cover letter. 

Our Company Values

What we find important

Get things done!

You don’t want your work to feel like your running on the spot? You really want to achieve something in your job? You despise having to do things a certain way just because “that’s how it’s always been done”? Then aucobo is a great chance for you to really implement new ideas and be innovative. We despise useless restrictions as much as you do and want to give you the freedom to do the best job possible and not just work through the same work processes a billion times. Become part of our team and achieve great things.

100% Teamspirit 

Our team is incredibly important to us. Even though many of us enjoy our home office days, we also enjoy our official “office day” once a week. We cook and eat together for lunch and attend events at our Start Up hub. We really want someone who fits into our team well and who feels comfortable with us when having a good ol’ “Feierabendbier” (German word for a beer you have upon finishing work). If you want to be part of a great team. Join us.

Flexible work

We believe that people should be able to work in the way they work best. That’s why we offer flexible hours and home office. That way none of you night owls have to come to work sleep deprived at 8 am and you early birds don’t have to stay at work all afternoon. 

Latest technologies & the freedom to use it

We always try to use the latest technologies if it makes sense for our product. Thus our set of development and working tools is up to the latest standards and trends. So if you find a new tool that helps you when generating sales, managing our dockers, creating an easy to use front end or to simplify our social media marketing, use it! And tell your colleagues about it, too. For a start up like us change is something that can really help us grow. So don’t be afraid to use it.

Attitude > Grades and Certificates

We strongly believe that there a few things that cannot be taught. For example attitude and character. That is why we look more at your personality when hiring then your grades or if you graduated. Of course skills are also important but what we are really looking for are people who fit into our team, who fit into their position and who are willing to learn from and grow with their tasks. If you think you got that in you, apply! If you can’t fulfill all the skill requirements we can still teach you. 

Learning by doing and doing while learning

Learning is a really important aspect of working in a start up. That is why we believe that you should not just learn something through you job but that it is also your job to learn how to solve your tasks. If you need to read a book or do a workshop in order to improve your work then go for! You don’t just have to learn new things about your job though. If you’re from the sales team and interested in development, why not visit our Dev Day? Same goes for our developers who might want to find out a little bit more about the business side of things and who can visit our Biz Day. 

Our story

Learn more about the story of aucobo from one of the founders in this podcast (German).


Perks & Benefits

  • very flexible home office/work time options
  • 1.500 € annual traning budget
  • work with latest technologies and tools
  • work with a great, motivated team
  • choose the tools you want to work with
  • work in a startup atmosphere